Different Endangered Animals?

Answer From jungles to oceans, deserts and forests, the world is populated with beautiful, even amazing animals of all shapes and sizes. However, some of these creatures may not be around for much longer,... Read More »

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How many different species of animals are endangered?

There is no one official list of endangered animals worldwide. According to Earth's Endangered Creatures, approximately 10,801 species of animal were listed as endangered worldwide in 2010. The gro... Read More »

Animals Endangered in the U.S.A?

More than 5,400 species of mammals exist. Within the United States, more than 410 mammal species reside. Of the 410, more than 80 are endangered, according to the National Wildlife Federation. In 1... Read More »

List of Endangered Sea Animals?

Although many sea animals have cosmopolitan distributions, the populations of many marine creatures are dwindling. As of January 2010, 620 different marine species populations are threatened, accor... Read More »

Characteristics of Endangered Animals?

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, there are nearly 1,000 types of animals on the endangered species list in the world as of March 21, 2011. This number is constantly changing as animals... Read More »