Different Cooking Method Appliances?

Answer Cooking has advanced from a kettle hanging over the fire to encompass a variety of cooking methods, using a gas flame or electricity. Food purists can rely on a variety of steam cookers, while trad... Read More »

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Restaurant Cooking Appliances?

Restaurant kitchens have appliances similar to those found in the majority of home kitchens, but larger and durable enough to crank out hundreds of meals a day. Professionals do use some appliances... Read More »

What is the most unorthodox method for cooking a turkey - that ACTUALLY works?

My sister does this thing where she debones a turkey, a duckling and a spatchcock (baby chicken). Then she makes a forced meat stuffing, a cous cous stuffing and a rice based stuffing. She places t... Read More »

Which method of cooking vegetables reduces nutrient content the most?

Frying actualy leaves more in but it adds fat. Boiling is the worst because all the nutrients are released into the water. Raw is best.

Until the self-timing egg hits the shops, is there a definitive method to cooking the perfect boiled egg?

yes, if you want a soft inside boiled egg then you boil the water and drop it in, start a timer at 3 minutes. when the timer gets down to about 20 seconds left take the egg OUT. because it will con... Read More »