Different Car Horns?

Answer A horn is the voice of your car. It tells pedestrians and other vehicles to stop, move or speed up, or it may announce your arrival before a date. Though most car horns sound fairly similar to each... Read More »

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Laws on Car Horns?

Your car's horn, so accessible on the steering wheel beneath your hands, looks and feels like an easy and effective way to communicate displeasure towards another driver or pedestrian. But its appa... Read More »

Why do bulls have horns?

Although most bulls have horns, they are often removed early in their development. As horns are designed for protection, a bull is likely to gore anything that threatens him. This makes horned anim... Read More »

What are cow horns made of?

Cattle horns, whether on a cow or bull, are made of bone and keratin. The core of the horn is made of bone. This is surrounded by a layer of keratin, similar to the keratin in humans that makes u... Read More »

What cow has the biggest horns?

The ancient Ankole-Watusi breed of cattle have the longest and biggest horns of any breed of cattle in the world. Their horns can grow up to 5 feet long, or 1.5 meters. The breed originates from Af... Read More »