Different Bun Styles?

Answer With so many different bun styles, you'll have plenty to experiment with, depending on whether you need a bun for a casual outing or a formal affair. If you are heading to a wedding, a chignon or F... Read More »

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Different Du Rag Styles?

Do-rags, doo-rags, du-rags, skull caps, bandanna wraps, skull wraps and skull caps are head coverings tied to the head of the wearer. Although traditionally worn by African Americans and bikers, do... Read More »

Different Shoelace Styles?

There is more than one way to lace up your shoes. Some methods look very complex, but only take a few minutes of your time. With some inexpensive laces and a little creativity, you can lace up in a... Read More »

Different Styles of Driveways?

Many driveway styles are available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a driveway, appearance, cost, upkeep and longevity must all be weighed against one another. Once yo... Read More »

Different Styles of Coiffures?

Coiffure comes from the French origin "Coiffer" and it means "hairstyle." Whether a coiffure is vintage or contemporary, elegant or simple, or smooth or loose, a hairstyle gives a woman an individu... Read More »