Differences of Qualitative & Quantitative Research Data?

Answer Whether a researcher is conducting a study related to politics or microbiology, having the tools to collect good data is essential. Researchers and scientists use data and its analysis to discover ... Read More »

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Similarities and Differences?

Quantitative and qualitative data are the two major types of statistical data. Researchers use statistical analysis programs and tools to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to describe... Read More »

The Greatest Differences in Quantitative & Qualitative Research?

Quantitative and qualitative research reflect vastly different approaches toward academic or scientific theory. The quantitative researcher collects statistics or surveys a large group on straightf... Read More »

How to Integrate Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods in Educational Research?

Most researchers produce either quantitative or qualitative research. It is rare for both methods to be used in the same study. Qualitative research relies more on observation and interviews while ... Read More »

Other Than Qualitative & Quantitative Research, What Other Types of Research Is Available?

In one sense, conducting research is simple. You research a topic and analyze what your research shows. Then you write up for findings or conclusions in an interesting and persuasive way. In anothe... Read More »