Differences in Practise and Practice?

Answer The word "practise" is not commonly used in American English. Its use is so infrequent that most U.S. spell check programs flag the word as being misspelled. However, in other parts of the world, t... Read More »

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How to Practise Polyamory?

A very lucky polyamorous man!Many people will find that it's possible to love more than one person at once. Because monogamy (and serial monogamy) are most visible in society today, it is presumed ... Read More »

How to Practise Focused Concentration?

Most people tend to use just about 5% to 15% of their inherent mental capabilities, while there are really few who use 15% to 25%.[citation needed] An inability to focus can be easily fixed followi... Read More »

Can anyone practise taxidermy or should one be licensed?

Slightly off subject, but I thought I'd share anyway:When I lived in S.A. we used to buy formaldehyde for about .60c and paint it on our nails to make them strong. Years later I returned to the U.K... Read More »

My cousin wants to practise kissing with me?

No no no! Don't do it. I have a male cousin that I'm best friends with, we've spent almost everyday with eachother since we were babies, only five months between us, so we have a lot in common. But... Read More »