Differences in Naturalism & Realism in Literature?

Answer Naturalism and realism in literature are movements and techniques that originated as a reaction against Romanticism where the writers transcended the ordinary to reach the ideal through theme and s... Read More »

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Does the magical realism appear in the Chinese literature?

Yes. Check out Mainland China's avant garde writers such as Mo Yan and Can Xue. Although which period of Chinese literature are you referring to?

Comparison & Differences Between the Teaching of French Literature & English Literature?

The earliest work of French literature dates from the ninth century, while the oldest English text, "Caedmon's Hymn," originates even earlier, in the seventh century. Both literatures offer a long ... Read More »

How is realism used in Of Mice and Men?

Realism was used to provide the context for treatment of women, black people and old people; the selfishness of the American dream out of balance, the apparent failure of the American capitalist sy... Read More »

Who is the father of realism?