Differences in Asian & Caucasian Faces?

Answer Caucasians, defined as light-skinned people of European, northern African, western Asian or Indian decent, have different facial features than Asian people. Facial features vary greatly from person... Read More »

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Do you know any good South Asian West Asian cuisine that's easy to prepare?

You would be looking at Persian or Iraqi foods like KooKoo-yeh Morgh Recipe with chicken, eggs, onions, saffron, and lime juice Nargesi Esfanaaj Recipe fried spinach with eggs and onions http://per... Read More »

Asian lashes help!! (help call out to all my asian ladies)?

use any "lash lengthening" mascaras.also any mascara with a dry formula. waterproof mascaras tend to be more dry than regular ones.i at the moment am in love with loreal faux cills mascara. it make... Read More »

How can I look more Caucasian?

First of all, I say embrace your racial heritage and rock it man!But when you say that it is more beneficially to look racially ambiguous as an asian actor, I do agree, but based on the asian actor... Read More »

What is the meaning of caucasian?

Caucasian is a term often found in demographics surveys for job ads, the census and school application forms as a term for describing people of European ancestry. The word, it turns out, refers not... Read More »