Differences between 70 Series & 80 Series 1911?

Answer The Colt Model 1911 semi-automatic pistol is the most popular semi-automatic pistol in U.S. military history. The M1911 family of .45-caliber pistols, invented by John M.Browning and placed into se... Read More »

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What is the difference between the N series and C series nokia mobile phones?

what is the difference between N series and C series in nokia mobile phones

Difference Between Flowmaster 40 Series & 50 Series?

Nothing says power and performance like a deep, throaty exhaust note loud enough to be heard before the car can be seen. Unfortunately, that loud growling sound of horsepower can dominate the insi... Read More »

What is the best Sci-Fi TV for you I love too mach the TV Series Battlestar Galactica but I try to search for any other Sci-Fi TV Series in same quality of this Series in my opinion I cant.?

You may try , and like , Farscape and Firefly ; below are two relevant links that lead to additional information regarding both shows .

I have a Canon Powershot A310 and love it. It's time to get a new camera however. What is the difference between the Canon A series and the SX series?

if do you mean the adapter to PC, it's a card with a hole, that you put into the micro sd card, and now you have "SD" card (or "SDHC"), then you can put it into Read More »