Differences Between a Tattoo & a Retouched Tattoo?

Answer When you get a tattoo retouched, you go back to the tattoo parlor and get the original tattoo touched up. You can also get your tattoo recolored if and when the color fades. It is very common for p... Read More »

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How to Get My Tattoo Retouched?

Get your tattoo retouched to brighten colors, fix blurred borders or replace any part of the ink that has disappeared over time. Most tattoos will need to be retouched at some point to look their b... Read More »

Why do tattoo haters spend time answering questions in the tattoo section?

Because They are F*cken idiots! they just want to bring people down....dont even listen to them..they believe strongly that "Tattoos" are "Tacky " or "disgusting"..but if you love shou... Read More »

Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?

Tattoo artists are trained *not* to tattoo people who are drunk, for both obvious and health-related reasons that involve risk both to the person being tattooed, and to the artist himself. Those th... Read More »

If one gets a neck tattoo (or facial tattoo for that matter) is one pretty much ever writing off having a job?

My boyfriend has neck tattoos and he has had trouble in the past trying to get a job. Even a warehouse job turned him away due to his neck tattoos. It depends on the job field your trying to go int... Read More »