Differences Between a Space Station & a Spaceship?

Answer Ancient people saw the stars as a clock, a calendar, a travel aid and a guide to the future. With the development of technology such as telescopes, scientists began looking at the heavens for clues... Read More »

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Can the space station or space shuttle launch space probes?

Was there a space station before the international space station?

Skylab was the first space station launched and operated by NASA from 1973 to 1979. The first space station was launched by the Soviet Union in 1971. The core module for the International Space St... Read More »

What is the name of the space of the NASA space station which had their mission dealaye due to bad weather?

It isn't a NASA space station but the International Space Station or the ISS

Who built the space station that the series Deep Space Nine is centred around?

the bojarns (Incorrect)The Cardassians built the station during their occupation of the Bajor. After the Bajorans fought the Cardassians off, they took ownership of the station and asked the Feder... Read More »