Differences Between a Smartphone & a Non-Smartphone?

Answer A smartphone combines the features of an ordinary mobile phone with many of the advantages of a PDA such as email capability and scheduling. Modern smartphones also offer media capabilities, such a... Read More »

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Do you have to use an smartphone plan with an smartphone?

In order to use the iPhone, you must use a smartphone plan, but some Android phones may be compatible with PrePaid plans. This will, however, still require smartphone data.

What is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet?

Phone: Primary purpose is making phone calls.Tablet: Mini computers primarily targeted at office work and web browsing. They should also tack a keyboard, and touch should be the input method.

What is the difference between a iPhone and a smartphone?

A smartphone is a term that means it can have apps or do stuff that your average phone cannot do.An Iphone is just the best smartphone (my opinion)

I can't decide between a smartphone and a basic cell phone. Cost is an issue, but I feel I should be...?

Get what you really need. If cost is an issue, get the basic. If you can use a computer, don't worry about technology. Smart phones are a phone,camera & computer built in.