Differences Between Trance & Progressive Trance?

Answer Deep bass lines, a catchy recurring melody and music that inspires uplifting emotions are all characteristics that describe the essence of trance music. Originally born from house electronic music ... Read More »

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Whats the difference between techno, House and trance music?

TECHNO: The music is minimalistic and eccentric. It can be described as "soulful dystopia". It uses the 4/4 time signature (most of the time) and lacks the many layers and melodies of house and t... Read More »

How to Mix Trance Music Together?

To properly mix trance music, you need only a basic understanding of how the typical “trance” sound comes together, with its muffled bass lines, bright synth leads, soft pads and jumpy percussi... Read More »

How to Make Trance Music?

Trance is perhaps the most emotional genre in electronic music. It can make you want to burst out cheering or start crying for no reason. It has the power to instill pure bliss into the listener. T... Read More »

How to Appreciate Trance Music?

Liking trance music is an opinion, but somehow liking something could do with who you hang out with.