Differences Between Tanning Bulbs?

Answer If you have ever signed up for a membership at an indoor tanning salon, then you probably heard all about the different types of beds and bulbs. Certain types are more expensive because they are su... Read More »

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Differences Between D2R & D2S Bulbs?

Xenon high-intensity discharge lights use an igniter to produce an electric arc that then vaporizes metal traces in the bulb, producing a stable discharge. The high temperature of the electric arc ... Read More »

Differences Between Tanning Bed Lotions?

Regardless of where you go to get that sun-kissed look -- the beach or the tanning bed -- you'll get better results by preparing your skin. There are plenty of different tanning bed lotions from wh... Read More »

The Differences Between a Natural Tan & a Tanning Bed Tan?

Many people like tanning because of the golden glow it can give the skin. Although natural tanning by the rays of the sun is obviously more economical, bed-tanning has its own advantages, which is ... Read More »

The Differences Between Indoor & Outdoor Tanning?

Once an activity saved only for summer months, people can now tan all year round, due to the ever increasing popularity of indoor tanning beds. Although both indoor and outdoor tanning can produce ... Read More »