Differences Between Southern & Middle Colonies?

Answer English settlers who arrived in America eventually formed 13 prosperous colonies. People who lived within these colonies had many similarities such as the freedom to worship as they believed; they ... Read More »

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Differences Between the Chesapeake & New England Colonies?

The English gained a foothold in the exploration of the New World in the early 17th century along the Atlantic coast of North America. The Chesapeake colonies contained portions of present-day Virg... Read More »

About the Clothing of the Southern Colonies?

The clothing of the Southern colonies said a lot about the status of the people who wore them. A glance would tell an onlooker whether someone was prosperous and belonged to the upper class, or if ... Read More »

Traditions of the Middle Colonies?

The original 13 colonies are usually divided into three separate regions, New England, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. The Middle Colonies consisted of Delaware, New Jersey, New York... Read More »

Religious Beliefs in the Middle Colonies?

When the pilgrims fled England, they were seeking religious freedom. One of the benefits of the colonies was the freedom to be a member of the religion of their choosing without facing persecution ... Read More »