Differences Between Polyethylene and Polyurethane?

Answer Polyethylene and polyurethane are two types of plastic materials used to manufacture a wide range of items, including common consumer goods. There are, however, some distinct differences between th... Read More »

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Differences Between HDPE Plastic and Polyethylene Plastic?

Polyethylene is the world's most common plastic. It finds innumerable applications in everything from bottles and jugs to shopping bags and children's toys. It owes its surprising versatility to it... Read More »

How do you permanently bond a polyethylene tarp to another polyethylene tarp using a cold glue?

Answer Assuming that the pool has an average depth of 4' , there would be about 11,760 gal.

Can you put an oil based polyurethane over the top of water-borne polyurethane?

Yes, but the older finish must be completely dry before applying the new oil based top coat. For furniture use fine steel wool to remove the glossy surface from the old finish to ensure proper adh... Read More »

Three Different Types of Polyethylene?

Polyethylene comes in a variety of textures. Polyethylene shopping bags are a supple plastic, but other polyethylene products, such as milk bottles, have a more rigid texture. Even bulletproof vest... Read More »