Differences Between Feelings, Thoughts & Emotions?

Answer Human beings are complex creatures. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are all tied to each other and impacted by things like physical sensations and memories. No one just feels or just thinks. Y... Read More »

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How do I teach preschool children about emotions& feelings?

For children to learn to form strong relationships with other people as they grow, it is crucial that they learn to identify and cope with their feelings. Sometimes the best thing to do for a young... Read More »

How to Avoid Conflicting Thoughts and Emotions?

Very often one encounters many dilemmas. Your heart refuses to acknowledge what the mind thinks is best for you....

Fun Activities to Teach Emotions & Feelings to Children in the 4th to 6th Grade?

Not only do emotions come and go unexpectedly, they are also tricky to articulate. Teaching emotions and feelings in 4th to 6th grade is imperative --- if a student does not value the messages her ... Read More »

How to Let Go of Thoughts and Feelings?

If you look at a calming image, the mind can relax and let go, but it only happens when you stop trying and expecting it to happen.Thoughts and feelings can be pleasant enough, but everyone has exp... Read More »