Differences Between Cesspool & Septic?

Answer Septic wastewater systems handle residential and commercial sewage. They include a variety of individual and cluster treatment systems. An estimated 20 percent of United States households use septi... Read More »

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What is a cesspool?

A cesspool, also known as a cesspit, and sometimes, a sink or sump, is a noun used literally and figuratively to describe a place where waste water and sewage flow.SewageAccording to Utah's Divisio... Read More »

Isn't Mexican food the best food in the whole stinkin', overpopulated, cesspool of a planet we live on.?

Septic tank?

Don't do that. Even if a product (such as baby wipes) says it is safe to flush it - don't! If you do flush the tampons, the man that comes to pump out the septic tank will scold you. I was SO em... Read More »

What can go in my septic system?

Septic systems are very delicate and must be maintained properly in order to function properly. Controlling what goes into your septic tank is part of the maintenance process. Generally, only orga... Read More »