Differences Between Cesspool & Septic?

Answer Septic wastewater systems handle residential and commercial sewage. They include a variety of individual and cluster treatment systems. An estimated 20 percent of United States households use septi... Read More »

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What are the differences between liability rates between different auto insurance companies?

There are too many differences to answer that question. To many variables that affect premiums.

What is the regulation distance between a well&a septic tank?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires that there be a minimum of 50 horizontal feet between a well and any source of pollution, such as a septic system.Source:U.S. Departmen... Read More »

What is a cesspool?

A cesspool, also known as a cesspit, and sometimes, a sink or sump, is a noun used literally and figuratively to describe a place where waste water and sewage flow.SewageAccording to Utah's Divisio... Read More »

What is the regulation distance between a well and a septic tank in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is one of only four states with no regulation regarding private water well construction. However, in some counties within the state, a 50-foot separation is required between wells and... Read More »