Differences Between Bachelor's and Associate's Degrees?

Answer Associate's and bachelor's degrees are two different kinds of undergraduate degrees you can undertake once you've finished your high school education. They take different amounts of time to complet... Read More »

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Difference between an associates of arts and photography and a bachelors of fine arts in photography?

an associates you have two years of schooling and a bachelors you have four years

How much will it cost to get a bachelors degree if i already have an associates?

It depends on how much of your associates degree will count towards your bachelors degree. Schools vary widely in cost so there is no way to estimate how much it will cost you. The best estimate ... Read More »

Bachelors degree or Associates degree with certifications in Information Technology?

Associates degree is a great start but I would certainly transfer to a 4 year school for your Bachelors degree. I've been in the industry a while and have witnessed several times Bachelor degree c... Read More »

Differences Between Radian & Degrees?

One of the cornerstones of learning mathematics is understanding the make-up of different shapes and how to work out missing measurements using other dimensions. This is especially true of circles.... Read More »