Differences Between Artificial & Natural Selection?

Answer Artificial and natural selection are key components of genetic and evolutionary theory. Darwin coined the term natural selection to help describe the process that species go through to create new s... Read More »

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What's the difference between artificial and natural fertilizer?

Artificial fertilizers are made chemically. They emphasize three main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Because of their narrow nutrient focus, they can create imbalances in the soil that... Read More »

The Differences Between a Natural Tan & a Tanning Bed Tan?

Many people like tanning because of the golden glow it can give the skin. Although natural tanning by the rays of the sun is obviously more economical, bed-tanning has its own advantages, which is ... Read More »

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Synthetic and Natural Gemstones?

Natural gemstones are made of rock, minerals, crystals and other organic substances. These materials are cut and polished to produce gemstones. Due to scarcity and rising costs for some gemstones, ... Read More »

How to Explain Natural Selection to a Teenager?

Natural selection is part of the theory of evolution made famous by Charles Darwin. Basically, natural selection means that members of a given population change over time, and that only those membe... Read More »