Differences Between Archaeology & Forensic Anthropology?

Answer Archaeology and forensic anthropology represent separate specialties within the broader discipline of anthropology, the social science that studies the cultures, languages, development and evolutio... Read More »

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Colleges for a Ph.D. in Forensic Anthropology?

Anthropology is the physical and cultural study of humankind. Forensic Anthropology is the application of this science in a legal context. A forensic anthropologist might investigate a mass grave t... Read More »

How is dental anthropology related to forensic science?

Dental anthropology is a branch of general anthropology. Study of Dental anthropology help us understand both cultural and physical aspects that representing on human dentition of a certain populat... Read More »

Top Colleges for Archaeology?

A career in archeology may give you the chance to discover new and exciting things about the ancient past. Getting a degree in the field is the first step toward beginning this career. At the under... Read More »

How to Major in Archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of ancient civilizations, groups and cultures by examining things and ideas they left behind. Thousands of colleges and universities offer a degree in archaeology. At most ... Read More »