Differences Between Angled & Layered Hair?

Answer If you're trying a new hair style, it's essential to know the differences in hair terminology when you show up at the beauty salon so you don't run into a fashion disaster. For those with longer ha... Read More »

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How to Cut Angled Bangs on Layered Hair?

Angled bangs with layered hair is a classic look. If you have longer hair you might not be ready for a trip to the salon every time your bangs need a trim, so in-between trims at home may be the an... Read More »

Layered and Angled Hairstyles?

Symmetrical hairstyles are classic, but layered and angled styles are the new classics for those who are bold and not afraid to experiment with their hair. Does this Spark an idea?

Differences Between Fur and Hair?

There is not much difference between hair and fur. Both are made up of the same materials, primarily keratin. Hair and fur are formed in the same way, created from a hair follicle located in the s... Read More »

Differences Between Thick and Thin Hair?

The differences between thick and thin hair have been widely studied by scientists and hair dressers alike. In understanding the differences between thick and thin hair, it is useful to learn about... Read More »