Differences Betweeen Distilled and Deionized Water?

Answer The terms "Distilled" and "Deionized" water have been become very common but the differences between them is not always made clear. These differences have a great effect on the use of the water and... Read More »

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Is distilled water deionized?

Distilled water is not deionized, and it is not the same as deionized water. Distilled water is created by heating water in a still, then recondensing the water in a cooling unit. The result is a p... Read More »

Deionized Vs. Distilled Water for Hair Color?

When considering coloring your hair, little thought is often given to details such as the type of water you should use. Deionized and distilled water seem very similar, but the differences are sign... Read More »

Can Deionized Water Be Used in Place of Distilled Water?

Though deionized and distilled water seem similar, there exist enough differences to make substitution a bad idea under most circumstances. Deionized water contains no ions and exists in an unbala... Read More »

Whats the differance between steam distilled water and distilled water?

There is no difference.Distilled water is the condensed steam captured from boiling water.Distilled water is water that has virtually all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillatio... Read More »