Difference of Commutative and Associative Math?

Answer Commutative and associative relate to properties in mathematics. The root word "commute" means to exchange; thus in mathematics, the commutative property involves switching the placement of values.... Read More »

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Associative Properties of Math for Kids?

Associative properties, along with commutative and distributive properties, provide the basis for the algebraic tools that are used to manipulate, simplify, and solve equations. However, these prop... Read More »

Difference Between Math Sentences and Math Expressions for the 2nd Grade?

Math expressions for the second grade are concrete and abstract mathematical ideas while math sentences are formulas or algorithms. Second grade standards for mathematical expressions and mathemati... Read More »

Commutative Properties of Multiplication?

Simply put, the commutative property of multiplication means that whatever order the numbers you are multiplying (factors) appear, you will get the same answer. Addition also shares the commutative... Read More »

What does the commutative property of addition mean?

The commutative property of addition means that when combining the value of two numbers together, the order you add the numbers does not affect the sum total you will receive, according to West Tex... Read More »