Difference in these two epson printers?

Answer it's the performance that make difference,SX435W has much more speed than the SX23Wand both are compatible with dell desktop

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What's the difference between laser printers and inkjet printers?

Unless you absolutely need photo quality, go with a laser. Lasers have sharper text and are generally faster than inkjets. While toner cartridges are more expensive than ink, they print more pages,... Read More »

Ink for epson Printers - best place to buy it?

What type of ink do Epson printers use?

Whilst your printer may have pigment based ink in the original cartridges you can use dye based ink without issue. Dye based ink is actually thinner than pigment based ink so if anything is less li... Read More »

How to Use Remanufactured Ink Jets in Epson Printers?

Re-manufactured ink jet cartridges are simply old ink tanks filled with new ink. Cartridges recycled in this manner operate the same way as brand new replacement cartridges. The re-manufacturer is ... Read More »