Difference between plasma and LCD....plzzzzzz?

Answer Plasma: well i hav heard that for plasma tv u hav to get a "big rectangular device" to watch tv channelsLCD: however in LCD u don need that device to watch tv channels.well, that's the only thing i... Read More »

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Difference between plasma, lcd & led tv's?

A plasma television display consists of individual cells that consist of a gaseous material that is electrically charged, which then produces the needed colors to make the picture appear on screen.... Read More »

What is the difference in a plasma and an LCD TV?

The difference between plasma and lcd TV is the type of material that is used to project the image. LCD has a good image but plasma has a better image. The only problem with plasma is that there is... Read More »

....what is the difference between Plasma and LCD tvs?

LCD - is the everyman HDTV. It is cost effective, hence its popularity. It is also lighter than Plasma. It tends to draw less power than Plasmas as well. It has a matte finish so is useful for roo... Read More »

What is the difference between a plasma TV and LCD TV Which is better?

LCDs are slightly cheaper than Plasma TVs. They are also about half the weight. It really depends on your budget and room. Plasmas start at 42" diagonal and LCDs start small: 15"I just purchased th... Read More »