Difference between plasma and LCD....plzzzzzz?

Answer Plasma: well i hav heard that for plasma tv u hav to get a "big rectangular device" to watch tv channelsLCD: however in LCD u don need that device to watch tv channels.well, that's the only thing i... Read More »

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Difference between LCD, LED, Plasma?

Plasma: gas-filled cells are ionized, producing light of varying colors to form the picture. Modern plasma sets produce brilliant pictures, as good as anything else. They're best for fast action ... Read More »

Difference between H D TV,LCD TV & PLASMA TV?

lcds use liquid crystal displays, such as notebook monitors, plasma uses gas, thats just the medium with which the picture is displayed, HD is the resolution, normal tv being 480i(in the US) enhanc... Read More »

What is the difference between lcd and led and plasma?

LCD = Liquid crystal display LCD TV technology is based on liquid crystals which align themselves when activated by electric current. This alignment process, in conjunction with color filters and ... Read More »

....what is the difference between Plasma and LCD tvs?

LCD - is the everyman HDTV. It is cost effective, hence its popularity. It is also lighter than Plasma. It tends to draw less power than Plasmas as well. It has a matte finish so is useful for roo... Read More »