Difference between ipod 3gs and ipod wifi (please answer)?

Answer I don't have either and most people have one or the other. I would go to the ipod store and compare. ask questions "good luck"

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What is the difference between and Ipod Touch and another Ipod like the Ipod Nano?

Ok ma ' am I'm an apple store manager and from my experience from the first iPods to the newest ones is quality , durability , product activity , connectivity , and just plain useful , let's look a... Read More »

Difference between 1rst and 2nd gen iPod touch Is there a sftware difference or smthing I just got a iPod touch on eBay and its a 1rst gen. Got worried not knowing if I shouldve gtn a 2nd gen insted?

The "generation" label refers to the version of hardware you have. iTunes will update the software on your iPod to the latest version.Gen 2 Ipod Touch also has volume buttons on the outside, as wel... Read More »

What is the difference between iPod Nano and iPod video?

Answer The difference in the iPod Nano is it holds less content. It also has a smaller screen. I would suggest the iPod classic (the new version of iPod videos) if you are wanting to buy an iPod. ... Read More »

I am using ipod . in the ipod show the word of podcasts. i do not understant the heading of podcasts. awaiting ur answer?

on the links that i posted, theres the easy definition...~~ podcast is a consistenty (daily, weekly, monthly) uploaded video to the internet by a single source. the podcast option on itunes allows ... Read More »