Difference between flow chart and algorithm ?

Answer Algorithm is step wise analysis of the work to be done. Flow chart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm. As flow chart is a picture of work to be done,it may be printed in our mind when we... Read More »

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What is the difference between an algorithm and flow chart?

An algorithm is a set of ordered and finite steps to solve a given problem. A flowchart is a visual representation of an algorithm.

What Is The Differences Between Algorithm & Flow Chart?

Algorithm is a finite step-by-step procedure to accomplish a particular task. Algorithm is a ordered collection of finite number of steps or instructions. It is nothing but an textual representatio... Read More »

Differences between an algorithm and flow chart?

An algorithm is a method to solve a particular problem. A flow chart is a certain type of graphical representation of such an algorithm.

Why do we develop a flow chart and pseudocode after we've developed an algorithm?

well an algorithm basically is a method/solution to fix a problem.....but an algorithm is a solution u think of...when u see a problem...pseudo code and flow charts are needed so that u can structu... Read More »