Difference between farmyard manure and compost manure?

Answer Manure is manure is manure. Humanure, cow manure, horse manure, it's all poo. Compost manure is just manure that's been composted (left to rot and break down). Most manure starts off hot, literall... Read More »

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How to Compost Pig Manure?

Animal manure is a natural fertilizer because it is rich in nitrogen. However, it can't be used fresh because it contains materials harmful for growing plants. The composting process removes the ha... Read More »

How do I use manure for compost?

CollectionCollect equal parts of nitrogen-rich manure from plant-eating animals (such as cows, goats, horses and sheep) and carbon-rich organic waste (such as dead leaves, straw or sawdust); never ... Read More »

Benefits of Cow Manure Compost?

Composting has benefited the garden for centuries, but has made a resurgence with the green way of thinking -- with many recycling natural materials into something beneficial. Good compost improves... Read More »

How do I compost chicken manure?

Collect chicken manure in a heap beside your composting site. Create a pile of carbon-rich organic waste next to the chicken manure heap, including a variety of dry, brown materials, such as straw,... Read More »