Difference between chicken pox vaccination and influenza virus vaccination?

Answer the chicken pox and influenza are completely different viruses so they need different vaccinations to prevent them, in other words the difference between the two vaccinations is that they prevent d... Read More »

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Should you get the Influenza A H1N1 09 vaccination?

Yes. For the 2011-2012 fall flu season in the Northern Hemisphere, the H1N1/09 vaccine is included in the "regular flu shot". There is only one vaccination required to be protected from three of th... Read More »

Why is it necessary for high risk groups to have an annual vaccination against influenza?

Because as a result of preexisting conditions and medications these people can least afford the affects of a bad bout of flu.

Which branch of medicine studies how to improve vaccination rates through vaccination campaigns?

How long does the Hep B vaccination last My 12 year old son had this at birth and his school is now offering this vaccination for the grade 7s. Should he be vaccinated a 2nd time?

The hepatitis vaccine consists of more than one dose. If your child did not receive the second and third in the series of vaccinations, it may be wise to revaccinate. There is no risk in revaccinat... Read More »