Difference between a hamburger bun and hamburger roll?

Answer There could be numerous reasons and you can cheak this out yourself.One lot may be the big 'brand name' of them, and the other as the 'shops home brand', the packaging may be quite similar but diff... Read More »

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How can you eat a hamburger?

unless they're not burger bites there is no way you can eat a burger on a single bite al least you have snake mouth.

How can I eat an hamburger?

You hold it with both hands, and chow down.

Best hamburger?

Mo's on Grant st has great burgers, made to order. By the way, to the person that was so snide about which Bay Area? This was posted under San Francisco in the dining category. You figure it out, S... Read More »

How much do you like hamburger helper?

It's not the healthiest meal, but you could always put your own twist on it to make it healthi-ER. Lean ground beef maybe, put a little less butter or milk in that it calls for, depending on which ... Read More »