Difference between Printer and Scanner?

Answer Printer is an output device that prints hard copy, while the scanner is input device that scans image to be use for software manipulation. Also there are different kind of printers such dot-matrix,... Read More »

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What is the difference between a printer and a scanner?

Mr.The Scanner is only Scanning without Copy and more....But Printer is All in one scanner and Fax and Copy and More

I just bought a canon MG2100 printer/scanner and the scanner keeps giveing me an error!?

1 go to device manager and see if the driver installed if not you might have to uninstall then reinstal the dvd if you see the driver then go to control then printers and devices and look for a ic... Read More »

What is the difference between a digital trunking scanner and a police scanner app on an iphone or blackberry?

A digital trunk tracker scanner is a device that you can program to listen to public safety and other services that use digital radio systems or trunked radio systems.A police scanner app on a phon... Read More »

Why is the scanner not working I have an HP PC and an HP printer/scanner.?

You need to also install the scanner driver. Your computer sees them as separate devices, it doesn't care that it's a printer scanner.