Difference between PULSAR 200NS and SS?

Answer I have made a comparison between both of these bikes but couldn't much difference as such.Even I found Bajaj pulsar 200 SS costlier and look wise its more stylish with the same features of 200 NS, ... Read More »

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Where is a pulsar made?

Pulsars are astronomical entities that emit radio waves of different frequencies. Scientists in 2010 believe that they are a result of the supernova explosions of large stars in deep space that hav... Read More »

Reviews for pulsar 220?

go for it dude....its an awesome bike......I do stunting on my Pulsar 220f but it never gives me problem.....Don't take advises from people who don't have a pulsar

Who discovered the first pulsar?

The first pulsar was accidentally discovered in 1967 by Jocelyn Bell, a student radio astronomer at Cambridge University, and her thesis adviser, Tony Hewish. They had no idea at first what they ha... Read More »

What is a pulsar and how many have been found?

A pulsar is a type of neutron star. The largest of stars in the universe end their "stellar evolution" with a supernova event, followed by an implosion under gravitational duress, to become neutron... Read More »