Difference Between the 580 & 980 Sleepmate Sound Machine?

Answer The Marpac SleepMate sound machine 580 and 980 models both generate white noise designed to help people sleep. Workers can also use them in offices to limit distraction. Both models run on AC power... Read More »

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How do I turn off the sound on a Brother fax machine?

Locate the volume button on the fax machine. Depending on the fax model, the location of the volume button may vary. The volume button for model number 1550 is located on the upper right portion of... Read More »

How to Stop the Fax Machine Sound When My Computer Is On?

Many if not most computers connect to the Internet via local area networks (LANs) at home and at work. Those that do not use modems to dial in to an Internet service provider. It is not unusual whe... Read More »

Why does washing machine has a clanking sound when it spins?

Is there any machine that helps against the Sound/Voice Recorder?

No. Blow a loud whistle into it while it is recording, then call the police. Or, just smash the thing to bits and let the perpetrator find it that way.