Difference Between an Equal & an Equivalent Set?

Answer Sets are the basis for all mathematics. Equal sets and equivalent sets are groups of elements or members. Set elements are not considered individually; instead, a set is identified as a whole. Elem... Read More »

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Difference Between Resistance & Equivalent Resistance in Circuits?

A resistor is an electronic component that inhibits or restricts the amount of voltage and current in a circuit. The value of a resistor, measured in ohms, determines how much restriction takes pla... Read More »

How many MG are equivalent to 1 GB?

1GB=1024 MBYou have 1,26 GB free space which means 1,26*1024 MB.You have approximately 1290 MB which is lower than you need.

What was the British equivalent of the CIA?

The equivalent to CIA is the co-operation of the Joint Intelligence Committee, the Home Office, and the police. The purpose of the intelligence services in the United Kingdom is only to collect int... Read More »

PC equivalent of a Mac Mini?

Some manufacturers have copied the Mac Mini form factor.There is CappuccinoPC: is also Shuttle: Read More »