Difference Between a TV Splitter & Coupler?

Answer The differences between TV splitters and couplers are quite few. For the most part the serve the same purpose, which is to split the cable signal input for distribution between two or more electron... Read More »

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How do I use a two dog coupler?

Attach the leash clip to the large metal ring on the end of a standard 12-inch long dog coupler. Adjust the lengths of the two leads on the coupler by threading the lead through the adjustable clip... Read More »

What is an RF coupler?

An RF coupler is a device used to transfer electrical current in order to operate the direction and range of radio signals. An RF coupler can be unidirectional, bidirectional or dual directional.Re... Read More »

What Is an Over-Running Coupler?

A vehicle transmission system distributes speed and torque to other vehicle components via gear ratios. An over-running coupler is used in transmission systems to help control engine fuel distribut... Read More »

What is an optical coupler?

An optical coupler is a device that connects one optical cable to another. Optical couplers can take three forms: directional couplers (for linking two optical cables), star couplers (for networkin... Read More »