Difference Between a Doctoral Degree & a Ph.D?

Answer A doctoral degree describes the degree, in any field, that is the highest degree available. This is also commonly referred to as a terminal degree because it is the terminus of a given person's edu... Read More »

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The Difference Between an Art Degree and a Science Degree?

Bachelor's degrees within a major are not always the same; the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science designations sometimes are awarded for the same major depending on a student's course of stud... Read More »

Can you get a doctoral degree without getting a master's degree?

Many universities in the United States allow you to enter a doctoral program without a master's degree. However, you'll typically need to complete the master's coursework during the program before ... Read More »

The Advantages of a Doctoral Degree Vs. a Masters Degree in Nursing?

Many practicing Registered Nurses hold associate or bachelor's degrees in nursing. A nurse who wants to specialize in a specific area may consider getting a master's or doctoral degree in nursing. ... Read More »

The Difference Between a BMA Degree and a BS Degree?

The abbreviation BMA stands for Bachelor of Musical Arts, and the abbreviation BS stands for Bachelor of Science. Both of these undergraduate degrees typically require four years to complete. These... Read More »