Difference Between Tools & Utensils?

Answer Utensils and tools have some similarities. For example, sturdy, quality brands of tools and utensils may not break as fast as cheaper ones. The terms "tools" and "utensils" aren't interchangeable, ... Read More »

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Kitchen Utensils & Tools?

Outfitting your kitchen is an important job. There are a lot of different appliances and tools required for a truly functional kitchen. Depending on what you cook and how often, your kitchen requir... Read More »

What is the difference between hand-tools and equipment?

AnswerThe difference is usually that hand-tools usually refers to manual tools. Things such as hammers, wrenches, rachets, that sort of thing. Equipment is usally referring to anything that is powe... Read More »

How to Wash Up Utensils?

Preparing and eating food requires a variety of utensils made of assorted materials. Most kitchens contain some stainless steel utensils, wood utensils, plastic utensils and even silver utensils. A... Read More »

How do I sterilize utensils?

Make a solution of one gallon of clean water and one tablespoon of beach in a bucket large enough to accommodate the utensils. Bleach is a powerful sterilizing chemical and does not require a large... Read More »