Difference Between Theory & Scientific Inquiry?

Answer In research, there are several terms that describe the mode or route you are outlining for your argument. Two central ways to outline your argument are through a theory or through scientific inquir... Read More »

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Difference Between an Observation, Law & Theory?

Observation, law and theory are abstract concepts related to the discovery of objective truth. None are fully independent from the other in this process. However, despite the overlap, there are con... Read More »

Difference Between Idea & Theory?

Although they are both abstract in nature, ideas and theories have many differences. These differences are what define them, giving a purpose for the idea's or theory's existence. Ideas and theorie... Read More »

Difference Between Facts & Theory?

A theory can contain facts but a fact will never contain a theory. That core difference between facts and theory allows you to interpret observational facts and classify them. Because each contains... Read More »

How to Explain the Difference Between Theory, Law, and a Fact?

If you asked most people to define "theory", they might correctly say that it is a statement intended to explain a phenomenon. If you asked those same people, "how certain is a theory?" They might ... Read More »