Difference Between Tartar & Coffee Stains?

Answer Though tartar buildup and coffee stains have different origins, both can lead to unsightly discoloration on tooth surfaces. Tartar is comprised of hardened minerals and food that cling to the surfa... Read More »

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How to Remove Stains & Tartar?

Tartar is composed of mineral deposits, or plaque, that have hardened on your teeth. Since tartar is porous, it stains very easily. The best treatment for tartar is prevention. Brushing regularly w... Read More »

The Difference Between Plaque & Tartar?

A healthy smile is more than just pearly white teeth. The things that cannot be easily seen may cause the most problems when it comes to oral health. Measures need to be taken to minimize plaque an... Read More »

How to Remove Coffee Stains From a White Coffee Maker?

Coffee has become a staple in many people's daily lives, and one that you may need in order to "function" in the morning. As often as you use your coffee maker, you may not always take the time to... Read More »

How do you remove coffee stains from coffee machine?

Mineral deposits from hard water as well as staining from the coffee oils and caffeine can be removed with a mixture of salt and lemon juice, as well as any limescale remover or degreasing cleaner ... Read More »