Difference Between Resistance & Equivalent Resistance in Circuits?

Answer A resistor is an electronic component that inhibits or restricts the amount of voltage and current in a circuit. The value of a resistor, measured in ohms, determines how much restriction takes pla... Read More »

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How to Calculate Total Resistance in Circuits?

All electrical circuits and components have resistance. To find the total resistance in a series, parallel, or series-parallel circuit, follow the instructions below.

Does hiv resistance exist?

Approximately one percent of Caucasions carry a mutation known as CCR5-Delta-32, in which a specific gene on the third chromosome is absent. People with this rare mutation are naturally resistant t... Read More »

How to Measure Resistance?

Resistance is the measure of difficulty electrons have in flowing through a particular object. It is similar to the friction an object experiences when moving or being moved across a surface. Resis... Read More »

Is blu ray scratch resistance?