Difference Between R-11 and R-15 Insulation?

Answer R-value refers to resistance of heat transfer. We want our homes to stay a steady temperature. So, if the temperature outdoors is different from the temperature in your home, the temperatures tend ... Read More »

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How do I Install Insulation Baffles Above the Exterior Wall to Protect the Insulation From Air?

Insulation baffles keep attic insulation from contacting the underside of the roof, and provide for a free flow of air from the soffit vents to the ridge vent. This prevents the buildup of condensa... Read More »

How much attic insulation do you need?

On One Hand: Assess Your SituationDifferent insulation materials produce a variety of "R-values," which is the resistance that the insulation has to heat conduction. Warmer climates and lower ceili... Read More »

What is cellulose insulation?

Cellulose insulation is a type of material used to insulate buildings, allowing them to more efficiently maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Cellulose differs from standard fiberglass insulat... Read More »

What is rigid insulation?

Rigid insulation is a closed-cell material containing millions of densely packed air cells formed into a foam board and used as insulation for primarily exterior walls, though it can be used anywhe... Read More »