Difference Between Primary & Secondary Authority?

Answer Attorneys and paralegals conducting legal research have an ethical and legal duty to complete research as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Failure to conduct adequate research may constitute ... Read More »

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What is the difference between primary and secondary batteries?

Primary cells are single use.Secondary cells can have their chemical reaction reversed by applying an electric current the other way.

What is the difference between primary&secondary succession?

Primary succession is the migration of new species into a barren area, while secondary succession takes place where species are already established. Primary succession happens in areas denuded by ... Read More »

You need information on how copays effect primary and secondary insurance If you pay your copay on primary does that off set your copay on secondary and would secondary pay remaining portion of bill?

Answer I don't quite understand your question. Check this link for links to explanations of dual coverage. Have you read the applicable ... Read More »

What Is the Difference of Primary & Secondary Data?

Primary and secondary data are the two main forms of any piece of information. These data are used in almost every medium: television, Internet and print. Each form of data differs in its creation,... Read More »