Difference Between PSP 3000 & PSP 2000?

Answer The Sony PSP 2000 showed some marked improvements over the older 1000 model. However, if you held a PSP 3000 next to a PSP 2000, you might not initially notice all of the changes and improvements.

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Does the Sony PSP 2000 composite video cable work with the PSP 3000?

Yes, the Sony PSP 2000 component cable is compatible with the PSP 3000 model. The cable is not compatible with the original PlayStation Portable, which did not feature video-out capability, or the ... Read More »

Is a contrast of 3000:1 compared to 300000:1 a huge difference?

No. Unless you're viewing in pitch black darkness, the human eye can only detect a contrast ratio of about 100:1.Manufacturers like contrast ratios because they're a number and they can be very big... Read More »

Music Lovers: any advice for favorite make/model of stereo speakers around $2000-3000/pair?

Bose? Are you kidding me?!Read up on speakers. The lady wants high-end speakers, not over-priced garbage.Possibly the most forgiving speaker on the market would have to be Vienna Acoustic Mozart's.... Read More »

How to Change Pizzatron 3000 into Candytron 3000 on Club Penguin?

On Club Penguin, there is a secret switch that changes regular pizza ingredients to candy ones. This level is called the Candytron 3000. The same rules apply in both versions, however you receive t... Read More »