Difference Between Native Born & Immigrants?

Answer Legal citizenship and its rights is an important issue in American politics. The country has experienced a tumultuous history regarding citizenship rights of minorities, until enactment of the the ... Read More »

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The Difference Between Old & New Immigrants?

Since 1886, Lady Liberty has held up her torch as a beacon of freedom for those who would seek a better life within America's borders. Her call was open-ended, and all were welcome. "Give me your t... Read More »

What is the difference between birth and born?

AnswerBirth is a noun. Born is a verb.AnswerNothing. born is the same as birth, just a different word for the same thing, but they cant be used in the exact same way, eg - "The birth was a success"... Read More »

Difference between 256GB High Performance SATA Solid State Drive and 1TB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive with Native C?

SSD is much much faster than HDD. They are also much newer and more expensive hence why the storage sizes aren't that large. HDD uses a disk to read and write data. Whereas a SSD uses things which ... Read More »

Should babies born to illegal immigrants be granted citizenship in the United States?

On One Hand: Burden To SchoolsAccording to The Federation for American Immigration Reform, babies born to illegal immigrants should not be granted citizenship in the United States because it raises... Read More »