Difference Between Microeconomics & Managerial Economics?

Answer It is difficult to precisely define economics since it's a broad discipline. An easy way to understand economics is to define it as a branch of social sciences that studies the production, consumpt... Read More »

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How is managerial economics useful?

Managerial economics may seem esoteric and dry, but anyone who has bought and sold items has used principles of this field. Mark Hirschey, author of "Managerial Economics," explains that all indust... Read More »

What is managerial economics?

Economics is the social science that studies the allocation of resources, production of goods and consumer behavior. This information helps companies understand the current state of local and globa... Read More »

Managerial Economics Topics?

Managerial economics helps managers who direct limited resources -- including financial and human resources, time and space -- to do their job more effectively. Managerial economics provides concre... Read More »

Difference between Needs and Wants in Economics?

If you need to save money or get a better handle on your budget, determine which things you absolutely need and which aren't necessary. There are many things you need to survive and thrive in the w... Read More »