Difference Between Indifference and Frustration?

Answer The two words "indifference" and "frustration" have very different meanings. Both nouns are meant to describe a state of being, an emotional reference point. The two points are on virtually opposit... Read More »

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Similarities Between Isoquants & Indifference Curves?

An isoquant curve shows the production possibilities of a company at a given level of input. Indifference curves refer to the benefit a consumer receives when purchasing items with a certain amount... Read More »

What i the difference between mac and normal pc's i want a mac but whats the difference?

Whats difference between 16mm and 35mm and other mm in cameras i mean any performace difference ?

There are two meanings of "mm" in cameras.One is the size of the film in film cameras. The standard compact, SLR and disposable cameras used 35mm film. This had a frame measurement of 24mm x 36mm... Read More »

What is the difference between between 2g and 3g sim card?

G3 stands for alot of things. you mean 3g but are you sure you meant in prison but in phones it stands for 3rd generation It could be referring to 3rd generation jail style.