Difference Between Han & Non-Han Chinese?

Answer The Han Chinese are the largest indigenous ethnic group in China and the world, making up roughly 90 percent of the entire Chinese population and 20 percent of the world's. This is rather impressiv... Read More »

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Can you tell the difference between a sex toy and a Chinese mushroom?

I have never seen a real sex toy but I can identify many of them from their pictures that I have seen on the web.What intrigues me though is the fact that how can a Chinese reporter be unaware of s... Read More »

Difference Between American & Chinese Culture?

Different countries have different societal structures, business norms and ways of forming relationships. Analyzing cultural norms is not a means to determine a 'model' way of life, but it is a way... Read More »

What is the difference between pot stickers & Chinese dumplings?

many differences on taste.pot sticker use oil to fry it, and chinese dumplings through boil it, and chinese dumplings have different pie, very dilicious.and i like chinese food very much

The Difference Between Chinese & Indian Jade Stone?

Jade has been used by man for over 7,000 years and enjoys a long history in both China and India. The word jade, derived from the Spanish term for loin stone, "piedra de ijada," describes two diffe... Read More »