Difference Between Ethernet & Network Cards?

Answer Ethernet is a local area network protocol created in 1976 by Xerox, DEC and Intel. Most network interface cards sold today function based on the Ethernet technology, and so are sometimes called Eth... Read More »

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Is there any difference between yellow ethernet cables and navy blue ethernet cables?

The color of the ethernet cable means nothing at all.There are different types of ethernet cables. Crossover, straight through, cat 5, cat 6 and so on, but again the color means nothing...

How to Make Your Own Ethernet Cable and Set up a Network Between Two Laptops Using Ethernet Cable?

Modern computer system depends on networking for sharing and transferring of data. Basically networking is a collection of different computers and its peripherals that are interconnected by communi... Read More »

Who makes Ethernet cards?

Ethernet cards are often manufactured by companies in China and Taiwan such as PRO-NETS Technology Corporation and Sanm Technology Corporation. Ethernet cards are released under a variety of brand ... Read More »

How to Use a Gateway With Two Ethernet Cards?

There is a feature on any Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 computer that allows you to use a computer as an Internet Connection Sharing computer (ICS). This means another computer can connect to the... Read More »