Difference Between Enterprise and Organization?

Answer The terms "enterprise" and "organization" may almost appear as identical twins with indistinguishable features. But when looking closer, you can see slight differences that justify separate places ... Read More »

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The Difference Between an Enterprise & a Company?

"Enterprise" and "company" are extremely similar concepts that are used interchangeably in many casual conversations. However, subtle differences are present, which becomes especially apparent when... Read More »

Difference Between Settlement Houses & Charity Organization Societies?

Both charity organizations and settlement houses provide value to the communities they serve. However, they work in very different ways. Settlement houses are intended to serve a community of indiv... Read More »

What Is Enterprise?

An enterprise can be a large and well-functioning business organization, or two college kids who start a lawn-mowing service for summer work, or a trek into uncharted territory in search of some di... Read More »

What is Websense Enterprise?

Websense Enterprise is software designed for businesses that monitors, allows control of or blocks access to web pages deemed inappropriate. It can also block streaming media such as Internet radio... Read More »